Monday, October 1, 2007

Mobile Media

The discussion in the lecture today regarding weather it might be possible to imagine a time when people walk around with micro chips in their ears as cell phones bought to my attention a few ideas. Even if eventually people did decide to get micro chips implanted into their ears it posses several possible problems. Unless there was some sort of holograms there would be no aesthetic pleasure. Often it is the appearance of the latest cell that first grabs our attention. Possible long term hearing damage? Encouragement of inappropriate phone convocations at the dinner table? Difficulty with sleeping? What happens if it gets stuck? Or the phone becomes faulty- into the lab for a check up every 6months?People thinking your crazy talking to yourself…although potentially beneficial to those who already do talk to themselves. I think I’d still rather have a phone or any other piece of technology separate from my body, although the extremes people go to with plastic surgery these days I wouldn’t be surprised if some people jumped at chance to get a phone implanted. As for using new technology to pass the time in the public sphere and some considering it anti-social, the reason I bought an Ipod originally was to pass the time on the train to uni. No one likes the uncomfortable glare of strangers in small spaces! With an Ipod I felt in a ‘safe bubble’ and more relaxed making the lovely experience that is public transport- squished on a seat with (sometimes smelly) strangers and not quiet knowing where to look a little more…relaxing. Although on second thoughts Ipods to bring new problems; why won’t someone tell that guy in the end part of the carriage (or Bus) to turn his music down? Not everyone in the carriage wants to hear your unnecessarily extreme loud/aggressive metal buddy. (Surely I’m not the only one irritated by this?) Think of the eardrums!


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