Sunday, September 30, 2007

Youth and Internet

The characterization of internet contents interactivity, autonomy, freedom, timeliness, multi-media, and individualization, and it also provides a new sphere for youth studying.
People who are born in the age of internet, their learning methods and the way they receive the education have changed already. Regard the essential function and the impact to the society of internet, many countries appreciate to develop the internet moral education and establish a socialized life-long educational system.

The youth should not only learn the practice process of internet in the class, but also get to know the cultural and moral aspects of internet. Internet community does not have much pressure same as face to face communication. These people on the one hand, fully express their emotions though the way of internet communication, their behaviors could be well self-disciplined; on the other hand, some could have less pressure, they hide their real names, and they do something disobey the law, moral and ethics via internet. Comparing with the real social community, the virtual community has more freedom of speech, within different speeches; people’s value will be influenced by each other as well. Most of virtual communities held the some aims and values; hence, the value is strengthened and conceived. And such a function of internet seems more useful. Focusing on the teamwork to develop the internet moral education discipline is very necessary to the young people.


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