Saturday, September 29, 2007

How Bad Can we get Addicted and Physically get involved with the Virtual World?

With the ongoing topic on internet addiction, the question arises whether we should consider internet as a new type of addiction or just a platform for people who are already addicted to other sort of things to experience it online e.g. online poker.

I personally don’t think internet could be confined to the world of phrases of the term addiction; it is rather a tool which I would consider as a second human brain or the greatest thing after the mythological library of Alexandria. The vast amount of information and things that can be done through it is profoundly astonishing and something more than we can imagine, at the same time without recognition from us it will not be able to subsist in our lives or in the dangling data wires. The question of addiction? Well humans have a tendency to align themselves and seek shelter in something which is safe proof for our life; how can we term the word addiction when there are millions of people who live their life through the virtual worlds, it is not that we are losing our connection to reality but rather confining ourselves in the beauty of something completely new, we could compare it to the ideology of “having or obsession to have a home” and label it as an addiction or something we are craving for in reality.

Internet is just another platform where the human kind has managed to bring something virtual to a more physical experience. Internet through the computer screen, with its videos, texts and photos intensifies our physical emotions. And the ideology of bringing the physical closeness to internet, a new device called the ismell has been invented, it can be attached to the computer and it will trigger our sense of smell physically though in reality the particular surrounding or the dish could be somewhere else in the world; this is just the starting step of experiencing the virtual world in real life stimulating our senses.

Humans have passed through different technological stages confining ourselves to a new technology every era from movies, to telephones and cars etc. Internet is also another age where we are simply just expressing our emotions because it brings all the things of old technologies into one simple easy to use technology. Its not an addiction but rather an admiration.


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