Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gaming Experience

Playing game at home on the tv screen and playing internet games which connects players together, do the two give people different experience and one tend to prefer one from another? Does playing games on different medium give people different experience? And which one is the most preferred medium for people to play games? Personally, I tend to be sucked into the game itself as if I'm in the virtual world itself and get really tense even scream when I get attacked by the enemies or close to losing my life. Although I do get tense and scream comparing to the children that I've seen they are way more into the game than I am. When children play games, I've found that they tend to get really tense and simply cannot stay where they are , but instead they get closer and closer to the screen and move around. Maybe it is because that they are digital natives and see the “virtual world” as the normal world as they are so familiar with it. Playing games online gives oneself another different experience as one can interact with net players. Communication can be achieved through typing comparing this to PS3 this is a big step and improvement for the games. Many young people can play games online for hours and hours even for days just playing games. This is really to an extent hard to believe how they could do it for so long as I don’t really get this involved in playing a game. Stopping a game for me is totally fine, but I believe for other players they just don’t want to stop as they might miss out something in the game. Playing simple games on the mobile and ipod provide another kind of experience for people. The games in these devices tend to be simple which one could play whenever they had to fill up their time. By playing games through these devices, they are not as powerful to draw people into it as with video games and internet games. Is it the screen size or the complexity of the game that draws us into the game or is it both? It is really interesting to see how games improves combing communication and physical movement to make players feel involved.


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