Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nintendo Wii's on its competition.

About one year ago, an esteemed colleague and I were writhing with anticipation of the release Nintendos next generation console, the Wii (formely know as the revolution). Its attraction was simple, that good ol' Nintendo gameplay combined with state of the art graphics, technology ect. Im sure everybody of the Generation X/Y demographic has fond memories of The legend of Zelda 1 and Super mario brothers and for that nostalgia alone, I scrambled to accumulate enough money to buy one. The nunchaku remote controller was my favourite feature. When I was sick of whacking virtual baseballs on-screen I could keep my peskys cousins at bay with the threat of a contoller to head contact. In the beginning of my Wii experience, I was clocking more than a ferrari murcielago. The longevity and fun factor of the Wii altered my lifestyle until I became somewhat nocturnal, only emerging from my dimmed cavern for neccesities of life (food and water). Concurrently the playstation was dropping its new feature console, The PS3 or the price soarer 3 as I refer to it as. I attended some exhibitions displaying its so called 'superior' graphics engine and its wireless controllers but all I could think about was the Wii. Origionality impresses me and I must admit the PS3 was just another 'upgrade'... Nintendo takes risks and to quote the S.A.S motto 'who dares wins'. Nintendo dared, Nintendo won. P.S im not a fanboy.


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