Sunday, September 23, 2007

Psychotic Little Brother

I was thinking about what Kevin said about how when he was working at a videoshop: kids would be denied R-rated videogames, only to have their mothers return complaining and rent the games on their behalf. I think this issue with censorship is quite interesting.

I remember playing revolutionary-(in terms of violence) games when I was young like the original Grand Theft Auto, (where the player could run over long lines of Hare Krishna pedestrians), and Carmageddon (where the player would play as psychotic drivers and could run over people, cows etc) and we all sought after games like these more than anything else! The fact that we werent allowed to play these games gave us the incentive to find any way we could to get our hands on them.

Then when Grand Theft Auto 3 came out when I was about 15 I can remember that old feeling kicking in and went straight to buy it, HOPING to god that the clerk would take me for an 18 year old. "Oh umm sorry, I left my ID in the car.. cya" and home I went to my Mummy so she could get it for me, and after a very poor amount of convincing she did. Soon I was in a fantasy world working as a mafia lap-dog, where I could steal any car, drive as fast as I wanted, kill anyone in any number of ways. But I begun to get bored..

When I see my younger brothers play GTA now their game always consists of killing people this way, killing people that way, kill, kill, kill, and in the end when theyve killed in every way possible, they get bored and ask "arent there any other ways to kill?" When their friends come over and boot the game up, the first question they always ask is "what are the weapons cheats?" "what do I press to shoot?" and "How do I find prostitutes?"

I have second thoughts about getting a pirated copy of Manhunt now...

In this sense, videogames are really not a good thing for society, and sure as hell arent a good thing for kids. (Once youve seen a kid hack off someones head with a hammer, youll know where im coming from). Some awareness is all thats needed. Parents really need to see what their kids are playing before they buy an R rated video game ignorant of the Contains: graphic, high level, coarse, sadistic violence label.


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