Saturday, September 29, 2007

free downloading

I'm going to talk about free downloading.

To talk about the merits first, for example, a free MP3 file saves us money from the cost of buying CDs and lets us choose only the songs that we like. Also, we can play them in most of the computers and we can listen to the music with only a few simple clicks.

However I am going to take the stand against free downloading. The reasons being it takes lots of money and labor to create the artist’s music and it is their intellectual property and the singers cannot earn money through CDs because MP3 files on some sites are for free. Downloading these MP3 files for free violates the artist’s copyrights because there is no remuneration back to the artist. For that reason, singers, actors, and directors loose a lot of money.

Also, a corrupted downloaded file can carry a virus worm or Trojan that will corrupt your computer. I think, to eliminate free downloading, the creators should provide us with lot of services. For example, making downloading with fees to be easier and faster, and make it so that it is easier to find hard to find items.

Kim, Hye In


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