Monday, October 1, 2007

Technology in general

A few weeks ago my Ipod broke. It physically broke after I'd taken it in for repair 4 times in the space of the year. I'm pretty annoyed because now whenever I catch buses I'm forced to listen to crap music that the driver chooses. I could get a newIpod, but the new ones, the new shuffles that is are too physically small and I don't really want to be carrying something that small. I could get one of the nanos but I don't need all that storage space so it just seems a waste of money. Maybe I'll take my old one in eventually.

Now onto cellphones, ten years ago if someone was out at night or whatever and they didn't answer the phone, nobody thought "what if something has happened to them?". They were just unreachable, big deal. I think mobiles are great coz you can always be reached but I also think they create a sense of paranoia when people can't be reached. Also what the hell is up with video phoning? I don't see it as being something appealing. I mean why would you use video phoning when you have your phone pressed up against your ear? Yes, there is speaker phone, but again, because of the size of mobile phones it is just impractical and a waste of time.

I do like DVDs, but they are always getting scratched. It isn't coz I don't look afer them well, I do. it's just that its almost like they are designed to be scratched. I do love how DVDs have features that videos don't and that they are compatible with many forms of technology (computers, playstation and dvd players) compared to vhs which had to be played in a video recorder.

In short, I'm mostly pissed off witch technology this week.


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