Monday, October 1, 2007

Technology & me: a love hate relationship

My eternal struggle with the trappings of modern technology continues. To be honest, with out my ipod keeping me sane with excellent podcasts and what not during the day i'd probably go postal. My cellphone keeps me in touch with drunk mates around the world when we ring each other a strange times of the day or night and my xbox, 42" plasma and home theater with sky digital keeps me entertained for many many hours.
However, also loathe certain aspects of all this excellent technology with a massive passion. My cellphone ensures that i can never really dissappear off the map and people can ring me at any time. anywhere. seriously. I mean its starting to give me a bit of a complex to be honest.
My ipod never has enough space left over for all my music and now im gonna spend money i dont have to get a bigger one.
But it is my home pc that really is the target of my wrath this week. I know i shoulda started contributing to this blog earlier, and probably not have left it to last night to do my weekly contribution. But i had strategically left some time open before the NRL grand final to write a rant. However, just to be difficult my pc decided to hang itself and give me the big finger. Again, in general i would be completly screwed without this 'marvel' of technology. But seriously its like it decided to throw some kind of power trip just to let me know whose in charge. Although its was really like self immolation just to prove a point. Real inconvinient to others at the time but overall pointless. I hate this technology that i now rely on everyday to get through. Yet still love. i think. but not really. or do i?


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