Tuesday, October 2, 2007

TechnoCursed.. part 1

Hey people and Bloggy,

I found this article, in letter form, for Bill Gates (that billionare guy) after googling (yes....googling!) the term 'technology challenged'..A site named, www.technocursed.com popped up and i discovered some quite interesting articles and stories. Very humourous might i add. There was also one about a certain female author who actually writes her novel/ short stories in the nude...ONLINE... The things people DO for publicity huh? Really kind of disturbing.. But if youre wondering, i fought the urge to look in on it. lol. Curiousity kills the cat? or is it beast? I dont know, leave me alone!!!!

Anyhow, i might as well give the url that leads straight to the Bill Gates letter, so here it is; http://www.mddavis.homestead.com/TechnoCursedarticles2.html

Now, now, fellow students of FTVMS 203..dont hurt yourselves rushing to check it out!

Buh bye Bloggy!!!



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