Friday, October 5, 2007


With the current rapid growth of technology, it can now emphatically be said that the objective of today’s communication engineers to achieve a future wireless personal communication system. A future wireless personal communication system, defined as being the ultimate goal of today’s communication engineers, will provide communication service from any person to any person in any place at any time without any delay

Mobile phone became essential parts in our lives, not as selective options or temporary fashions but as the main communicative media. Mobile phone enables us to contact with someone anytime anywhere we want. When we are in emergency, it is very useful and necessary to get through the situation

The number of users is increasing. On the contrary, mobile etiquette is still the same as in past days. We can see the cultural lag through mobile user's etiquette today. In other countries, it is natural that the mobile's mode be changed to the vibrating mode in public places. Unfortunately, most Koreans don't notice that their mobile games and ring tones make noises anywhere, anytime. It shows that they don't care about other's privacy.



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