Thursday, October 4, 2007

Media Technology

This week's topic really interested me as there is lots of interesting debates about micro chips inserted into human’s ears, media prosthetics and cyborg.
The discussion micro chips inserted into human's ears is really hard for me to accept in many ways. Maybe it will be very handy for people that are forgetful and don't have to worry about mobile phone running out of battery. However, I don't see the positive side about inserting micro chips into human's ears. It is better to keep mobile technology separate from human bodies as I strongly believe that being natural is very important. As for mobile phones, it gives out radiation that could be harmful to humans, for micro chips, it is very likely that it will have a greater effect on human bodies. Not to say technology is bad, but I strongly believe that there must be a borderline between human body and the technology so that complex problems will not occur and humans will not become cyborg. The usage of mobile phones has increasing become so popular that almost everyone owns a mobile phone. The mobile phone was first invented for the convenience of people contacting another while being away from home, then more and more features have been added and thus allowing us to do more than just calling.
Using mobile phone and ipod in the public sphere allows one to spend their time enjoying the pleasure that technology offers and it is not seen as anti-social as we rarely communicate with strangers in the public sphere. Technology is seen as a medium for us to spend our time more efficiently as it is handy to be carried around anywhere.


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