Friday, October 5, 2007


this is perhaps, not entirely relevant to the conversation of mobile media, but in the new day and age our telephones are being invaded with telemarketers, wrong numbers, and other such clutter. People, to my shock and horror are using the new mobile phone generation to find, and locate unsuspecting victims of text pick ups, take indecent photos of women, men and more disgustingly small children, and are suddenly capable of destroying peoples reputations by hacking phones, and sending to all.
Call me paranoid, but I don't really trust any one, and I certainly don't trust people with a technological advantage (and as I hate technology, and have yet to learn how to "trick it into working for me as my boyfreind so wonderfully puts it, I am always at a technological disadvantage).
If poeple have cameras, and the ability to mass send on them at all times, no one is safe! but then again it is a matter of morals, I SUPPOSE. but as stated, I don't trust anyone, especially not a pervert with a camera phone.
telecommunications fair enough. telecopulation, sure if that is what you are into. BUT Teleconspiring, telecabaret, and teleconfusion are a big no no.
do some thing good with your phone like this guy...


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