Friday, August 17, 2007

Internet Shopping! Now i don't have to leave my home to fullfill my addiction!

Im no photogropher so i don't have anything useful to contribute on that topic... However! on a very different note (so i can actually contribute something to this blog) i have a new found passion for interent shopping!

It all started one fine day when my mum broke her leg and couldn't drive (and i wasn't in the mood - this is some interesting info! =s) . So, i whipped out my laptop and we did our grocery shopping via the foodtown website! wow! its amazing. Well, for any of you who havn't experienced this fabulousness, all you do is browse the aisles and add things to your shopping basket. When your personal shopper is shopping for you and an item is not available you can request them to find a substitute! Brilliant! Our groceries were delivered to us that same day, and our personal shopper even wrote us a little note on our receipt "Enjoy your day =), hope the substitutes were alright!" All this for a delivery cost of only $7.95! Im so doing it again. The more u spend the less the delivery cost.

And just last week i bought a ring on the internet that came all the way from London.. wow! (probably China but i guess ill never know!)

The joys of the internet! fabulous!

Minnie Singh


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